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  • Phantastic update.
    in Happy 2016 Comment by Pain January 2016
  • Happy new year also from me. Yeah Gavan... where's that update?
    in Happy 2016 Comment by Pain January 2016
  • @PTTG : As Talvieno already said, Gavan is hard at work. We have an internal date for our Early Access and we really try to stick to it. The pace is tough, but so far Gavan is more or less keeping the timeline.
  • You could watch the recording on Twitch sometime later, Japa. I know, it's not the same...
  • The chocolate discussion is getting way out of hand in our streams...
  • Well that is friggn sweet! I love DF, but I always play it with at least a texture mod; can't play it vanilla. Stonesense was a thing that convinced me to first even try DF back a few years ago, though I was always a bit disappointed, that it was s…
  • Hi betabyter, I am also a fellow DM (retired, since I have no active table group at the moment... lack of time in general); the player thing in P&P games was never the one thing I was too interested in. Nice to have you on the forum. Yeah, it…
  • Well, development is ongoing, it still is a while until the first release. If you're interested in the week-to-week progress, join the Twitch stream each Wednesday (2PM PST). Stream We want to have a first release that is fun to play even in its …
  • I like it! An item that overrides certain AI behavior if certain conditions are met (i.e. not enough will power) sounds very cool. Of course, the item has also a high desirability, so the quest for acquiring this item might be something that emerges…
  • There is no real story link between Fallout 2 and 3. You can really play them at the same time IMHO. Same goes for Fallout New Vegas. I just wouldn't touch Fallout 2, before you have at least finished Fallout 1 once, since the story of the second i…
  • @PTTG‌ : Dwarf Fortress should never count. It is quite unique in its project setup, compared to the rest of the indies.
  • [...] However I believe there to be a cure to the dreaded monster. You are gaining support and you will get better work done for sure. One can somewhat avoid feature creep if you crowdsource features. A lot of opensource projects end up paying for …
  • [...] I don't think fallout has much endgame content, though I don't remember if you are still free to run around doing sidequests after or not. Fallout 1 and 2 are done, when you finish the main story. No more running around, doing sidestories or…
  • Interesting, that we now have people actually saying that Voxel Quest is a good name. Up to this point, I have heard almost exclusively negative feedback regarding that name.
  • Latin to modern language gives you usually more than just one correct translation. Context is usually needed to get the "one" meaning.
  • Aaand... in the vein of Goat Simulator and Surgeon Simulator: Endless Walking Simulator ( RPG Simulator? Nope, that's taken by both this game and this game. LOL, the name RPG Simulator is even worse than Voxel Quest.
  • @mmnumbp‌, that is an excellent suggestion. Our community managers @PreacherJayne‌ and @Talvieno‌ can maybe help organizing this? They also have a far better overview of all the current discussions than me.
  • Oh my goodness, that's a really pretty screenshot!
  • Some good suggestions in here, however a "pay for information privilege" I consider highly unethical. Therefore this will definitely not be going into the store. Published information is provided to all people, regardless of backing level or even if…
  • Look, I am somewhat of a realism freak when it comes to gaming, so maybe I'm not the best guy to discuss this with. The harder and unforgiving it is, the more I like it. I guess I'm just a masochist. I also like extremely spicy food. On a side not…
  • Honestly, I like the "grab-bag" the best. Everything else feels gamey and non-immersive.
  • @Pain You are crazy / stupid? No wai! Goddamn real life trolls here. Nice to see you here Spooky.
  • Attention, this is the Producer speaking: --end of sarcasm mode I want to thank this awesome community, that has helped us in our hour of need. You guys (and girls of course) seriously rock! Not only have we reached our minumum funding goal, but w…
  • Reading through the suggestions here. Some good input so far. I can't think of a cool (and possibly not TMed name), so I would keep it generic with "Legendary Worlds". The word "World" in plurar, to imply the procedural character of the game. A qui…
  • The ways of reddit are strange indeed. Ironically enough, I met Gavan on Reddit.
  • I was just speculating. I didn't see the thread, so I can't really point out anything here. It's odd alright.
  • The reddit thread I posted suddenly disappeared. It's just... gone. no idea why, either. Reddit has some very strict rules on certain subreddits. Make sure you didn't break any of the rules on the respective subreddit.
  • I actually believe we'll be going to be ok. I was more worried 5 days back.
  • Sorry Talvieno, but we decided against stretch goals a long time ago. From a project and resource perspective, stretch goals are simply not a feasible thing.
  • We need more forgetful millionaires as backers!