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  • 1 week left and still more than 8k shy


    I stole a cake!
  • What if the kickstarter fails

    We are funded people!

    Just FYI, it should be encouraged that everyone visit the Kickstarter page, only because I went to visit it this morning and it sends me a message letting me know they had an issue billing me. (I was also sent an email, but to be honest no everyone looks at all their emails)

    All fixed up.
  • Succsess!!

  • 1 week left and still more than 8k shy

    $8056 to go!
  • Voxel Quest store is live, I need your help to determine what to sell

    How about having their names in plot/random NPCs? Not like it take too much time, and it's always fun playing the game:"Hey look theres my NPC, because i helped they gave my name to it, how cool is that!"

    That might not just limited to NPC names. Zones, towns, itens, theres alot of content that can easily be references to the good folks that helped.
    It was already offered as a Kickstarter reward. Though like I said above, I myself personally, have no issue with extending the Kickstarter rewards in the short term to allowed people who could not get in. However there is a point you start to cross the lines of ethics. (someone could ask WHY they rushed to fund before the deadline)
    What would be really cool(but might be too much time consuming) is allow suporters to design areas like towns or castles. I would imagine that it would take a significant time to discuss what could and could not be done, describing every detail, and the whole back and forth talk so i would recommend only top donations have access to this.?
    I was under the impression the core game would be procedurally generated. So you can't really design such stuff. Though it is possible to make maps after the fact. (think minecraft)
    Another thing that might be fun is DLC packs. Like vanity itens(cloths and other aspect modifiers), dyes, social itens(snowballs, beach balls, umbrelllas), portraits and sprites.
    I am alright with large scale DLC, however nickel and dime DLC is just horrible. Small things should just be added free during patches.

  • Zanteogo reporting in sir!

    Officially backed today.
    It will also be the first thing I have EVER backed... that has to mean something.