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  • 1 week left and still more than 8k shy

    I'm not done saying my thank you's yet, but here is another one for you guys: Thanks so much, getting choked up and everything as I write this. Its really hard putting yourself out there and finding the people willing to believe in you. I hope that I can return the favor by showing my support in some other projects in the future (perhaps some of your projects). :)
  • 1 week left and still more than 8k shy

    @jackdaw67‌ - awesome thanks so much again. Between all your contributions, you are going to be a poor man by the end of this campaign. :)

    Would need 300 more backers for $20/each. I know active backers are still out there - for example Bedlam had 5000 backers, I have just under 1000 backers right now (whether or not they are interested is another question). I'm making a lot of progress on the perspective camera but there are still many issues. Not chasing perfection, just want to get it looking semi-decent. Anyhow, it is already shaping up to be pretty awesome and performance is far over 60 fps to my surprise - the voxel resolution is 1/4 the default (but still supersampled at 64 voxels per rendered voxel) for performance but with some optimizations I think we could get it running at full resolution without problems. Sneak peek 2:

  • Happy 2016

  • 1 week left and still more than 8k shy

    "We support most major credit cards, but we do not support payment with Paypal at this time." - Kickstarter

    Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!! **with echoes**
    **sobs of anguish**

    Sometimes, life is hard for a person who firmly refuses credit cards. :'(
    You can pay retroactively if you want - pick any reward tier you want now, and once I've set up other payment methods I'll give it to you.

  • FAQ, Question Thread

    What sort of role does the player have in the game? Are we an individual, a party, or more of a generic force that moves the NPCs around?

    Thematically, how closely are we sticking to Ultima games? What are some changes?
    With the new (community-inspired) emphasis on the non-roguelike aspect, there will be full parties. You will start as an individual and recruit whatever party members you want (you also won't be penalized for flying solo - maybe going solo gets you experience faster?). Edit: you can manually control your additional party members or have AI control them, whatever you prefer.

    In roguelike mode, probably no parties although perhaps you can recruit AI controlled NPCs. Again, this is just to make low resistance to starting a new game, and low investment in your current game.

    As for the Ultima games, we are keeping all that I thought was good in Ultima - non linear exploration, a feeling of a world that is alive, lots of interactivity, great sense of atmosphere, and more. The one improvement (IMHO) over games in the series like Ultima 7 is that there will be better stat, skill, and combat gameplay features. In these regards, the game will be unique but play a bit closer to something like Fallout 1/2.
  • Project roadmap

    Also, I'd like to add everyone is free to toss around ideas - we definitely don't want to discourage that. :) Just because I say "yes, xyz is potentially feasible" does not mean it will make it into the engine anytime soon, or even at all. The main priorities are getting a playable, fun game (and as a consequence of that, a working engine). As per community input (and as mentioned by @Pain‌), this will be the standard RPG (non-roguelike) mode first, with other modes to follow if/when time/resources are available to do so. Still, it is necessary to mention all the things that @Pain‌ did, because we don't want to setup false expectations of what will make it into the game.

    Enabling a permadeath option takes zero effort, so I will include that option just for the hell of it (unless there is a problem with doing so that I could not foresee).

    Many sandbox options will be available just because I used them to debug and test, but the sandbox is still taking a backseat.

    All that said, never hurts to hypothesize about ideas, what might work and what might not. I can help all of you determine what is possible in the engine. If if I can't implement feature XYZ, there is a good chance that someone in the community can.

  • Succsess!!

    Every day I'm hustle'n.

  • Happy 2016

    Happy new year also from me.

    Yeah Gavan... where's that update?

    I'm actually putting together the footage right now, finally :)
  • ETA on release of source code?

    Hey - I've only got a few tasks to take care of, but I am also pretty heavily bogged down with work. I will see if I can find some time this weekend to do it?
  • VQ - A bright future

    I decided to cancel the Patreon for a couple of reasons. First, I am making enough money that covering the basic expenses myself is not difficult (which is really what the Patreon was for in the first place). If people want to create an awards/bounty pool, I'll be happy to contribute to that and figure out how to best organize that (I do not think Patreon is the best way of doing that, which is reason #2).

    Anyhow, I don't like having licenses in every file, it creates unnecessary clutter. License will probably just be in the root directory.