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  • What if the kickstarter fails

    I stand by Gavan, as I have in the beginning. I have faith in the project and in him. He is extremely capable of the work that lies ahead; all he needs is time and money.

    Even though I'm far from being a millionaire, I will try to raise the money he needs to finish the project. The project will go on, one way or the other. There might come a time, when we need help from a 3rd party, but we cross that road when we get to it.

    So fear not, dear community, it will continue. :)
  • 1 week left and still more than 8k shy

    Attention, this is the Producer speaking:
    --end of sarcasm mode

    I want to thank this awesome community, that has helped us in our hour of need. You guys (and girls of course) seriously rock!

    Not only have we reached our minumum funding goal, but we also formed a small, but very friendly community in a very short amount of time. Gavan and I have been doing this project for over a year with very little interaction with the community up to this point. The Kickstarter project changed all this and gave us an additional element to take care of.

    The worth of the community cannot be measured in money. It is immensly invaluable.

    A special thank you goes to:
    - PreacherJayne and Talvieno, for their Community Manager work and tireless support
    - jackdaw67, for the very generous reddit advertisement and for being our forum historian (saving all the important screenshots of the campaign)
    - Katorone, for being our resident chat expert
    - Gavan, for being awesome! Oh, and for programming Voxel Quest. :D
    - The community, for being at our side!
  • Sort of monthly review and preview

    Dear community,

    I actually wanted to do a monthly recap/outlook, but kind of missed the month's mark... so here is the slightly delayed version of that:


    It has been about 1.5 months since the Kickstarter ended successfully. To be honest, I started getting a bit worried about the Kickstarter possibly failing, when we approached day 25 of 30. At that point, we still had $10k to go and I was really afraid we might not make it.

    Fortunately, the last 48h of the campaign were amazing and more than $17.5k somehow managed to find the way to us. So thank you again, to all you wonderful backers all around the world. It means a lot to me and Gavan.

    A couple of people helped in getting the word out, which was probably a significant factor for the success (don't have accurate data on that, but I like to think it made the difference). Thanks again to everybody who helped us.

    Kickstarter aftermath

    After the campaign, a lot of discussions emerged, asking for a change in direction away from the initially intended rogue-like towards a more traditional RPG. We were caught a bit off guard with this, but after discussing it a bit it made sense to us, that more people would care about exploring the vast world that is there, instead of rushing through it (and die in the process). We decided to replan the game content for this reason.

    Edit: For all the rogue-like fans: Don't worry, we will have a rogue-like mode, but it will be delivered after the traditional RPG mode.

    Development recap

    Implemented during and after the Kickstarter (just a few of the major points):
    - First person/free floating camera and re-rendering for the new viewpoint
    - Character rendering and movement
    - Collision detection
    - Refactoring/unification/code clean-up tasks

    Development outlook

    High priority, plans for the following few weeks:
    - Item pickup/dropping/interaction
    - NPC/monsters movement and interaction
    - RPG basics (trading, questing, progression [experience])
    - Basic AI

    Low priority:
    - More biomes
    - Graphical enhancement for characters/NPCs/monsters
    - Items/stats/skills/monster types (content enhancement)
  • Project roadmap

    There has been a lot of discussion about design for various things: experience gain, other modes than roguelike, progression, AI, etc.
    While I appreciate everyone's drive and passion for VQ, I'd ask the community to understand that creating the design is up to the project and not the community.

    There is a specific reason for this and it's called "feature creep". Many a project fall prey to that, especially in the indie game development sector, and I will do everything in my power to prevent this. It's basically the death of the project unless you have nearly infinite resources (a thing we definitely don't have). I have been in IT projects for more than a decade and I still see feature creep even with professionals with many years of experience. Sometimes it's pure ignorance, sometimes it's sheer arrogance ("ah, that's easy to implement") and sometimes protocol is just abandoned for no reason at all (other than the fact that a specific individual doesn't likes working "by the book"). That's why I am also here as a producer, to make sure this thing does not happen.

    Also, were we to let the community write design documents, a false sense of what is being promised by the project would implicitly be created. The project only promises what it also communicates itself. I hope that makes sense to everybody.

    While we will always listen to the community concerning the design, what goes into the design and what doesn't is a project decision. We are currently working on a project framework/roadmap, since the community has had a lot to say in the last two or three weeks. We understand what the people generally want and will try to deliver the more desired features first. We value the opinion of everybody in the community, but you also have to understand that we have our own opinion. It might be that the feature you're looking for isn't making it in anytime soon, but keep in mind that it is basically one guy coding all of this, so naturally not everything that you specifically dream about can be created. So please don't think any less of VQ for that but instead let us know that you really would like to see feature X and if we can somehow make it happen. Who knows, maybe we like your idea and might consider it. :)

    Without going into detail at this point, I can at least tell you that the standard RPG mode is going into the first release, since there seems to be a high demand from the community regarding this mode. The roguelike and sandbox (god-) mode are taking a backseat for now. Once we have a revised design document, we will publish it accordingly.

    Thank you all for your valuable input so far, and thanks for understanding my point.

    Edit 30th August 2015: We have now (actually since a few weeks) a proper high level feature list that Gavan is implementing. Work on the engine is done for now, but of course there will be a performance pass later in the year/beginning next year, when the major features of the game are all in place.
    We are aiming at a smaller game for now. Kickstarter backers are entitled to a free copy, depending on their thier maybe even more than one copy. This smaller game is having a lot of the features that we also need/reuse for Voxel Quest, as advertised in the Kickstarter. The reason for this is, that implementing the full RPG game right now would take around another 1-2 years, from where we stand now. We discussed involving the players early, but came to the conclusion, that it will do more harm than good. Early Access is a difficult topic and there are many ways to do it "wrong". We try to avoid negative feelings towards our project as much as possible; we are, however, aware that long waiting times are also a source of negative perception. For the meantime, this alternate game will hopefully bring some entertainment and joy to you, while you wait for the big game.
    I'm not saying that this project would have been impossible without the KS backers, but you made it quite a bit easier on us with the money that was made available. So again, my sincere thanks to all the backers out there, and thank you for sticking with us, even if our projections for early access were waaaaay off last year.
  • 1 week left and still more than 8k shy

    If Gavan agrees and gives me the "green light", I'd like to go ahead and put some reddit ads in some subreddits related to development, game development, programming, and games. Never did it before so I will think it through depending on the options (I was thinking in an ad focusing in the development side to post in development subreddits, and another focusing in the game side for gaming subreddits).

    Apparently reddit charges around $.75 per thousand impressions. With 50$ I would volunteer to start with, that's ~66,666 impressions which hopefully can bring some new people in if we do it right.

    8,221 US$ to go in 5 days, we have to raise the game substantially over the last few days (10x+ fold).

    Just today I saw a kickstarter project advertised in reddit.
    Sounds like an interesting idea. I will bring this to Gavan, when he is available. I think he's still asleep right now, so I just have to wait. ;)
  • Happy Holidays to everyone

    Dear community,

    I wish you all a happy holiday season, whatever faith (or lack thereof) you follow. I'm looking forward to next year, which will be very exciting for everybody who loves Voxel Quest. Until then, all the best!

    Kind regards,
  • 1000 backers


    It actually could work...

    Hope dies last.
  • Monsters and Animals

    What I really would like to see are procedurally generated monsters like in Dwarf Fortress. In DF, monsters can have the wierdest properties, like "made out of soap" or "blood that gives dwarfs a flesh eating disease, when they get in contact with it", etc.
  • Happy 2016

    Phantastic update. :)