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  • 1 week left and still more than 8k shy

    I know it is against the rules and everything, but I would seriously love to take a chunk of the profits from Voxel Quest (don't worry Pain, out my own chunk! ;) ) and pay back all of my backers if I ever make enough money to have disposable income.
    Nah, just give us VQ and a way to make cool stuff and that'll be just as rewarding!
  • FAQ, Question Thread

    Gavan and the rest of the community have been heavily promoting VQ in all sorts of places: Facebook, Hacker News, Reddit, Twitch, these forums...the list goes on. We're getting a lot of great questions from people who'd like to learn a little more about VQ. I'm going to post some of the most commonly asked questions in this thread description (ongoing process, could take a bit). If you have any more questions, please comment!

    How many voxels are we talking about here?
    Billions and billions. The engine calculates and stores the positions of all of them, but only the top layer is kept for display. (Edit by Gavan: in isometric mode, only top layer is kept. In perspective mode, only surface voxels are kept)

    How does lighting work?
    Some lighting is baked in, while spotlights and other light sources are dynamic. For a good example of dynamic lighting, check out this picture. (Edit by Gavan: all lighting is in fact dynamic)

    Is this really called "Voxel Quest'?
    It is for now, because Gavan needed a domain name that was free. The name may change as development progresses.

    Terrain seems to take a long time to load in the videos. What can we expect in terms of optimization?
    Right now (Nov 2014), VQ isn't configured to load the correct chunks of voxels, so loading is a bit choppy. That will improve drastically as the algorithm is tweaked. There are a ton of other possible optimizations that haven't been included in the code yet, like loading front-to-back and volumetric mip-mapping.

    Can my computer run this?
    Short answer - yes.
    Long answer - yes, but you might have to turn down the quality on lower-end machines or laptops. Don't worry, it will look great either way! (Edit by Gavan: early builds may not boot up on some computers. We will have to work out these issues over time as I test on more and more machine types)

    Will there be physics effects like gravity?
    It's a definite possibility, but there are a ton of other features to add to the world first. Like people. :)

    I've heard voxels are hard to animate. What's the plan for characters in VQ?
    Yep, that is one of the more challenging aspects of working with a voxel-based engine. Gavan has achieved real-time character animations at a high frame rate (but like gravity, animations will be deferred to later on in the development process). For now, characters are poseable figures (see around the 1:00 mark of the kickstarter video for an example, and animation will be added as the project progresses. Particle effects like spell-casting and sparks will be animated.

    I want to create VQ mods. What do I need to know?
    First, you don't have to be a world-renowned C++ programmer to customize VQ. Many aspects of the engine (especially visual effects and additional items) can be added without modifying the engine itself. Lots of nformation is stored in JSON files.
    If you want to get your hands dirty, the VQ engine is written in C++, OpenGL, and GLSL. Gavan compiles it with Visual Studio (there's a free version!) and edits text with Sublime Text.

    What sort of camera perspectives does VQ support?
    While VQ was originally conceived as an isometric engine, Gavan added a first-person camera during the final week of the Kickstarter campaign. That means that VQ can be modified to support Oculus Rift, castAR, and other viewing modes!

    I have more questions about what VQ will be like, and I'd like to contribute my ideas!
    Feel free to post general questions here, and we'll try to get them answered right away. For more information about specific topics, definitely check out other forum threads.

    Gavan has been great so far about taking into consideration community input. If you have an idea for the VQ engine or game, start talking to people in the forums. When he has time, Gavan reads and often responds to discussion. Also, f you were a part of the Kickstarter campaign, your rewards package may include some tokens that you'll be able to use to vote for specific features. We'll keep you posted on when that is.

    Who are you, and why are you writing this?
    I'm @PreacherJayne‌, a computer engineering student who really, really likes what Gavan is doing with Voxel Quest. @Talvieno‌ and I are volunteer community managers; we're basically here to serve you and to act as liaisons between Gavan and the community.
    Gavan has also appointed a number of great moderators. They know a ton about VQ and games in general. I'd list them all here, but I don't want to miss any. They can add themselves to this post if they so choose. :)

    Thanks for being here!
  • So... *Poke*

    @Moberg Sure thing. Gavan recently updated the rendering side of the engine to use a more traditional voxel implementation (similar to when he added perspective rendering to the original isometric rendering system), and now the engine runs much more efficiently (600+ fps at 1080p and 16^3 voxels per meter, with a view distance of ~1 km). He aims to get a release out in the next month that focuses on building and exploring, so the next few weeks will be dedicated to adding more building varieties and construction. The source code should be released around the same time as the initial release. Also, we're going to be streaming more frequently and will post dates/times on Twitter, on the forums, and on the Twitch page accordingly.
  • 1 week left and still more than 8k shy

    Even if the kickstarter doesn't pan out at this moment, I'd love to be able to contribute directly!
  • "Required Reading"

    For me, it would definitely be Ultima 7. It's an old RPG with semi turn based combat. Players head out alone or in a party with NPC friends and explore the open world. There's a main quest to follow, with no hand holding. Progressing through the quests requires reading, thinking, and exploring (or using the map).
    And just $6 on GoG? I'm sold! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll definitely take a look at it.
  • What if the kickstarter fails

    @gavanw, I have some spare time on my hands. What would you like to see in the VQ update doc that @Clement started? If you'd like, I can summarize some of the recent discussion about the topics already listed, if it'd save you some time.