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  • 1 week left and still more than 8k shy

    In case anyone missed Gavan's "Thank You" video for the kickstarter:

  • Renaming the Game, Final Tally

    Official news from the Gavan/Pain dev team: Voxel Quest is staying "Voxel Quest".

    Thanks for all your votes and input, everyone!

    Small edit by Gavan: for now, yes we are keeping the name Voxel Quest. In the future, when we have a better idea of what the game is shaping out to be (hard to determine since we are relying a lot on community input at this point), its lore, etc - we may consider renaming it. For now, keeping Voxel Quest allows me to focus on more critical tasks at hand. :)
  • Renaming Voxel Quest

    Gavan has said in a good number of places that "Voxel Quest" is only a working title. This thread is for brainstorming ideas on what Voxel Quest might be renamed as, and for discussion of what makes a good game name.

    Edit by Gavan: you can check for available domains here (as noted, MUST be a .com):

    Edit 2 by Gavan: domain must not have dashes or any other tricks; these can still be regarded as trademark infringements;

    Also, one idea to help inspire people - it maybe sounds kind of weird/cheesy, but I was thinking in the opening of the game your avatar gets sucked through an 80's arcade cabinet into the world by some software/universe glitch. Inspired by the likes of Tron, Ultima, etc. This is of course, up for debate. It also was going to be used to explain the anachronistic nature of the music and provide some other interesting stuff that I won't spoil. :)

    Potential Names
    Ongoing Chronicles (Mystify)
    Dominus Orbis (gavanw)
    Chronicles of a Daily Adventurer (Zanteogo)
    Legendary Worlds (Pain) -- up for auction at $677 currently
    Voxantem (PTTG)
    Epic Country (Talvieno)
    Arcadianum (Clement & Talvieno)
    Rus Jugis (Borkyborkbork)
    Bubonic Tales (Borkyborkbork)
    Endless Walking Simulaor (Borkyborkbork)
    Legends of Man (Talvieno)
    Pilgrim's Quest (Talvieno)
    Unbridled Worlds (Talvieno)
    The Unfathomed (Talvieno)
    Arcadian Odyssey (Talvieno)
    Medieviquest (Talvieno)
    Tabernum (Gavan - Latin for taverns, also available in Welsh as "dafurn" (tavern, singular))
    Ulrec (Gavan - play on ulrich, see: note, I've already registered this domain to protect it, as it is very difficult to find 5 letter domains that are not completely random combinations of letters, but I'm still open to other names)
    Canbardd or Canbard (Gavan - Welsh for "Bard Song")
    Hymgais (Gavan - Welsh for "quest")
    Vagantur (Gavan - Latin for "wander")
    Wanderer(s) Quest (Mage) - (note from Gavan: I liked wanderquest (which is taken) but I don't like the word wanderer because the er-er on the end makes it less elegant)

    Firedawn (Talvieno) - already registered
    Procedural Voxel World Emergent Artificial Intelligence Role Play Game Quest - or PVWEAIRPGQ (Clement) -- haha, nope ;)
    Tarot (PTTG) -- already registered
    Voxel Populi (Flatfingers) -- already registered
    Dynamic Adventures (Mystify) -- already registered
    Blazing Steel (Talvieno) -- already registered
    Bramble (momxa) -- already registered
    Dawn of Dusk (Talvieno) ( -- as noted above, can't contain dashes
    Arcadianus (Talvieno) -- shitty ending
    Wanderquest (Mage) - already registered, for sale.

    Edit by Gavan: I'm going to start crossing off names that are already registered .com's or won't work.
  • Happy 2016

    The update video is up. :)
  • Happy 2016

    I think so too. :)
  • VR Headsets - Plausible?

    Later on, very high. I don't think Gavan has really tried implementing that yet, but it will be done eventually for sure. :)
  • So... *Poke*

    Update: Gavan didn't sleep well last night and he has a few more bugs to iron out, but we will be aiming for this Sunday at 2 PM PST. Given what I've seen so far of it today, much pretty shall be had - and possibly some talk about gameplay.

    A little taste of what he's managed to accomplish:

    Sixteen kilometers with minimal impact on framerate. :) Finally got all that sorted. Japa should be pleased. (as will a lot of other people, I hope)
  • Feedback Fridays

    I'm glad people took this so well. :) Not all communities would be so understanding.