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  • VQ - A bright future

    Somebody probably misclicked. Gavan... :)
    Let's keep it simple and all agree to blame Gavan :D
    Anyhow, I don't like having licenses in every file, it creates unnecessary clutter. License will probably just be in the root directory.
    I'm personally completely ok with that and the MIT license doesn't require that either, I just listed it as an example of things that need done (as opposed to some sort of hard requirement).
    Using GitLab for an initial private repo is fine (I like GitLab), but the primary public repo must be on GitHub, since it's realistically more likely to appeal to contributors (at least for now. )It might be nice for Gavan to create a GitLab mirror, though. It can update automatically, and would at least provide a fallback for those rare times GitHub is down. (I was already planning to set up a GitLab mirror for myself, but an official one would be better.)
    I was referring to the initial stage, getting the source ready for prime-time from a private repo. Github private repos aren't free so I thought an instance somewhere else would be fine until the release is ready and can be moved to a public Github repo. I do agree about using Github for legitimacy and such.

    As for having a mirror, I do think it's a good idea, though probably not a priority until the project has picked up a significant number of contributors.

    @gavanw I should have a bit more spare time than usual over the next couple of weeks, so please let me know if there's anything at all I can help with, even really boring stuff (or maybe even particularly so).
  • Prototype Gameplay Discussion

    Thanks for the replies!

    @PreacherJayne, from the transcript of the presentation, it sounds very similar to what I had in mind (the presentation itself doesn't work for me). I don't think a prototype would need to have all the features in there however, I think rudimentary monster hunting/fighting/upgrading/etc. and exploration would be a very good start.

    @gavanw, this is probably the point where my ignorance will shine in all its glory, but anyway :smile:... would it be feasible to make a minimal amount of content (at least to start with), such as, say, arm, foot, fin, eye, ear, nose, etc. and then build on those? My idea was to basically generate the monsters, a little like items are generated in a lot of RPGs. So for each monster, you could for example randomize the number, color and size of each feature. Similarly, the monster's stats would be generated, possibly depending on the area the monster originates from (e.g. a monster from a water area would tend to have water-related skills).

    When mating monsters, their features would be taken into account, so if you have monster A with 4 feet and monster B with 3 eyes, then there would be a chance the offspring would have some or all of these features.

    I suppose generating monster stats/features could be based on a simple point system. We could imagine that for each level, a monster could be awarded, say, 10 points. So generating a level 5 monster would give you 50 points in total. The environment (and possibly other factors) would define probabilities for each kind of stat. So our level monster could look like:

    strength: 12
    dexterity: 20
    intelligence: 6

    water gun: 6
    stomp: 6

    And similarly for features:

    3 eyes: 3 x 4 = 12
    2 ears: 2 x 4 = 8
    1 mouth: 5
    4 arms: 4 x 5 = 20
    1 foot: 5

    As the monster grows, we could imagine that existing features would improve, with a slight chance of new features appearing, e.g. a new secondary power, a new foot, etc.

    I hope this doesn't sound like complete rambling and that it somehow makes sense.
  • VQ - A bright future

    Hi all,

    In light of recent updates and Gavan's situation, I thought we owed it to the VQ project, Gavan and ourselves to make sure VQ continues on its path to glory :)

    Gavan announced he will be open-sourcing the code, which is absolutely great! As some people here already know, open-sourcing a project is a lot of work, which very roughly comes down to the following items.


    This generally involves making sure there are comments on non-obvious bits of codes or overall logic, making sure the code style and the project structure are consistent, removing cruft that built up over the life of the project, etc.

    It can be rather tedious work, but it's unfortunately necessary. That said, I think we can all agree that this is something that can be done in increments, and hopefully something some of us can help with.


    Gavan said he's considering the MIT license, which I personally think is a great choice. It's really permissive and it allows commercial work to be produced on top of the project, so that could help greatly with adoption in the future (particularly since VQ is very much one of a kind).

    Licensing can also be a bit of a pain sometimes. Beyond making sure the license is included in all source files (which in itself is pretty straight-forward), you have to make sure the license is compatible with whatever licenses are used by any of the third-party code or assets.

    This is an important point as licensing issues can strongly impact the viability of a project.


    This is pretty self-explanatory, but an essential point nonetheless. Good, substantial documentation takes time to write and organize, but it's also the best way to get new contributors. Lowering the barrier to entry is a critical aspect of any open-source project (or really any projects), so getting people started quickly is not just desired, it's essential.

    Community & Direction

    This is one of the best communities I've ever seen, if not the best. As communities grow, things can get more complicated, eager contributors may sometimes clash, politics start getting involved and so on. So as a whole, I really hope we stick to the values displayed so far, to the transparency and integrity Gavan has made sure to provide.

    In this respect, I don't think anybody will dispute the fact that Gavan is the de-facto leader of this community, and I personally believe it should remain this way. Gavan's vision and hard work are what brought VQ to this point, so I believe his oversight is necessary.

    However Gavan is only one man (though from his output I sometimes wonder :) ) and he won't be able to oversee everything or run the day-to-day operations involved in keeping this project going. There are already very kind people around here who've been helping Gavan out with organizing the community and such, so maybe we could consider formalizing this a little: community leaders, core contributors and so on.


    Even open-source projects require resources beyond people. Hosting is one such example, but going forward other things will be required such as build servers, communication platforms, etc.

    Being an open-source project, I don't believe Gavan should have to keep financing all of this. Thankfully, open-source projects often have access to resources for free that would otherwise cost money.

    On this note, I'd be happy to help with some of these things. I have my own pretty beefy server which I already use for similar things, and I'd be happy to set up whatever tools are required on it if it helps and the community is of course fine with it.

    Additional Notes

    Until the official open-source release is ready, and should Gavan feel comfortable with this, we could set up a closed Git repo at first so that some selected people may help with the pre-release and off-load some of the easy/tedious stuff from Gavan's shoulders to let him concentrate on the more difficult aspects. I have a nice instance of Gitlab in place and I'd be happy to share it, at least to get started.

    Gavan already owns the domain for VQ and having official email addresses for core contributors could be nice and help with legitimacy. As it happens, I own a Google Apps account which I already use with a number of my own domains and again, I'd be happy to set up emails there should Gavan and the community want it.

    I sincerely hope I'm not being presumptuous with all of this, VQ is an amazing project that has gone a very long way and as many other people here, I believe it has a great future. I wish to help in whichever way I can, hence my modest contribution here.