VR Headsets - Plausible?

The first Oculus Rift was delivered today, What are the odds that a virtual-reality-based display is possible in Voxel Quest?


  • Later on, very high. I don't think Gavan has really tried implementing that yet, but it will be done eventually for sure. :)
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    Oculus is sending my headset today (I was a KS backer, so as you probably know they are sending out the retail version to backers who got the DK1 for free), so I will give it a whirl. Have not tried anything since the DK1, which was frankly not great, but I am coming in with an open mind and have heard good things about the newest headset.

    Under the new tech, implementing VR is fairly trivial - at least getting it up and running. There are of course challenges beyond that, such as making a movement scheme that works ok and minimizes motion sickness (my idea here, as I mentioned on the stream, was to just view a small chunk of the world at a time, from bird's eye view, as if it were a tabletop model). In the short term, I can't invest much more time than very basic support for VR.

    In the future I'd also like to see motion tracking sans VR - kind of like the trackIR:

    but using the new progress on head tracking and low latency. I think there is some value in using your head as an additional input device. :)
  • Oh, awesome! To be honest, I don't have any chance of getting a headset anytime in the near future, but by golly it's a cool technology.
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