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Dear community,

I actually wanted to do a monthly recap/outlook, but kind of missed the month's mark... so here is the slightly delayed version of that:


It has been about 1.5 months since the Kickstarter ended successfully. To be honest, I started getting a bit worried about the Kickstarter possibly failing, when we approached day 25 of 30. At that point, we still had $10k to go and I was really afraid we might not make it.

Fortunately, the last 48h of the campaign were amazing and more than $17.5k somehow managed to find the way to us. So thank you again, to all you wonderful backers all around the world. It means a lot to me and Gavan.

A couple of people helped in getting the word out, which was probably a significant factor for the success (don't have accurate data on that, but I like to think it made the difference). Thanks again to everybody who helped us.

Kickstarter aftermath

After the campaign, a lot of discussions emerged, asking for a change in direction away from the initially intended rogue-like towards a more traditional RPG. We were caught a bit off guard with this, but after discussing it a bit it made sense to us, that more people would care about exploring the vast world that is there, instead of rushing through it (and die in the process). We decided to replan the game content for this reason.

Edit: For all the rogue-like fans: Don't worry, we will have a rogue-like mode, but it will be delivered after the traditional RPG mode.

Development recap

Implemented during and after the Kickstarter (just a few of the major points):
- First person/free floating camera and re-rendering for the new viewpoint
- Character rendering and movement
- Collision detection
- Refactoring/unification/code clean-up tasks

Development outlook

High priority, plans for the following few weeks:
- Item pickup/dropping/interaction
- NPC/monsters movement and interaction
- RPG basics (trading, questing, progression [experience])
- Basic AI

Low priority:
- More biomes
- Graphical enhancement for characters/NPCs/monsters
- Items/stats/skills/monster types (content enhancement)


  • Awesome. Looking forward to all of it.

    Any time estimate for a first release?
  • @Japa‌ we are aiming to get it out probably late Q1 2015 or early Q2. The main issues are ensuring that the product is polished enough (and people don't get too disappointed early on), ensuring code is clean "enough" (at least for early distribution) and that there are no licensing or legal violations in the code (should not be, but I have to give it a good look).
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    In my opinion I think kickstarter would have been more successful if it had a the minimum originally just 5$ to 10$ more for a game key. The majority push near the end to make it successful was a lot of people inviting a few friends or uping the donations I think. Though I also remember looking at it a few days before and going, oh wow this might actually not make it. It is good that it did pass though.

    I like that the plan seems more focused now. Maybe for a more community crowdsourcing effort you could provide a few JSON-like templates for creatures to people similar in vein to: ? Just an idea though.
  • @Switch33‌ Jeff Vogel, the guy who created Spiderweb Software and the Exile series, just wrote an interesting bit on pricing:

    He says that $15 to $20 is the sweet spot for indie games, I'd have to agree. I probably could have been more successful with a higher price point, but I also wanted to provide a reasonable discount to KS backers. Thus, it was $10 for KS, $15 now, and $20 come 2015. It will be staying at $20 for a long time, not planning to do any sales or bundles (my philosophy is that the price of your game should rise over time, so long as you are working on it). That said, I'm not planning to raise it much above $20 - maybe at most $25 when the game is gold.

    It will likely be the case that all character data is saved/loaded from JSON. The tree-like properties of JSON is ideal for this type of storage (i.e. parent limbs store child limbs). Every pose might be stored in a unique JSON file, meaning you could tween any property for animation (might be a bad idea, but we will see). This would allow interesting things, including growth of limbs, changing material properties, etc. You can edit things in the engine or by hand (or write a script to generate/modify the JSON for a given pose).
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