Feedback Friday (and Saturday) 11/14/2014

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Hi all - its been a busy day, and also I have a rather odd sleep schedule for those who have not noticed (sometimes I'm awake at day, sometimes at night). So, since I've got a late start on this Feedback Friday, I will continue it into this Saturday as well.

I will be bouncing around between work, streaming on twitch, answering questions and so forth right now.

This week has been a lot of managerial work in terms of wrapping up the Kickstarter, setting up a store, answering forum questions, and so forth. For those not aware, I will only be entering the forums every Friday from here out to answer questions, just in the interest of getting stuff done. If you see me in here and it is not Friday (or Saturday in the case of this week's post), feel free to scold me. :)

I'm still cleaning up some issues with the perspective camera then we will dive into getting some gameplay in here. Mostly just a matter of getting performance and visuals to an acceptable state, and reimplementing a few missing features like transparent voxels. Some things I am working on include LOD (level of detail) for far away voxels, and replacing polygons with points (I have come up with a way to do it that looks pretty good, I think).

Edit: there is quite a bit more to discuss, I kind of rushed out this update so that I could get to answering some other forum questions and start the twitch stream. I'll put in some more info here soon.


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