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Hi everyone - I just wanted to announce new restrictions I am imposing on myself in order to "get stuff done."

First of all, I am going to limit my forum usage to Friday of every week. Only on that day am I allowed in here. If I end up being busy on a given Friday, we will push it to another day (there might be some weeks where we just have to postpone it to next week but I will try my best to make it every single Friday). If you see me in the forums on any other day than Friday (or whatever day it gets postponed to, you are free to give me hell. :) There are exceptions - if there is some thread that I think is rather urgent, I will address it. I will also be available at if you have any pressing questions. We will probably create a dedicated thread every week for this feedback, where you can forward good threads or comments to my attention.

This will also be a place to mention what I have worked on that week.

I will also stream via every Friday, assuming nothing is totally broken in the engine on that given day.

If you are not available Friday, that is ok - just drop your question in the thread at your convenience and I will try to get to it by the following week or sooner.

Hope this is ok with everyone - I could almost be in the forums full time, so I have to set some restrictions in order to get things done on the programming end. Let me know if you have any questions/concerns - thanks!


  • I've been wondering when something like this would happen.

    This seems responsible to me. It's been nice seeing such speedy feedback to community thoughts and questions, but forum interaction is an incredible timesuck -- I am, in fact, supposed to be paying bills Right Now. (Shhhhh!)

    Depending on how the only-Friday restriction goes, another possibility might be a one-hour-each-night limit to get burning questions addressed regularly and to maintain a community presence, but that's a little riskier.

    Either way, I definitely understand and support this (for whatever that's worth :)).
  • image

    I kid, I kid.

    I can understand it's actually necessary.
  • I understand too. (Github access and Alpha might come sooner that way :p)
    Also no need to spend all of the day on the forum/twitch. Sometimes few hours should be enough.
  • Clement said:

    I understand too. (Github access and Alpha might come sooner that way :p)
    Also no need to spend all of the day on the forum/twitch. Sometimes few hours should be enough.

    Yeah I suspect things may cool down a bit; nonetheless, we will give this a test run. I will probably limit Twitch to 8 hours or so max.

    @Flatfingers‌ - a 1 hour/day limit could be interesting, but might be hard to enforce on myself.

    WHAT AM I DOING IN HERE??? Back to work. ;)

  • Can we still have Taco Tuesdays?
  • I'm glad people took this so well. :) Not all communities would be so understanding.
  • Zanteogo said:

    Can we still have Taco Tuesdays?

    And Soft Taco Saturdays.

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    PTTG said:

    Zanteogo said:

    Can we still have Taco Tuesdays?

    And Soft Taco Saturdays.

    And Fish Taco Fridays.
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    I like Manly Taco Mondays best.
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    Just a quick suggestion : it could be interesting to add a monthly update to your planning. (Or a Monthly Manly Message of Major Modifications)
    Regular updates are (IMO) the key to maintain a community motivated, but not all backers (and future buyers) will come to the forum, thus the need for news and a regular KS update. I think one update per month is enough, but less could be considered "offensive" by some (not me) - See CastAR KS for backers reaction when less than one update/month is given :/ .

    Short advice : when a month has been really productive, only show some of the new stuff and keep the rest for a less productive month.
  • I agree - once a month sounds like a good frequency for major updates: long Kickstarter update + YouTube video, perhaps. Not everyone will visit the forums - most won't, really.

    Gavan already plans on putting out weekly development updates - once every Friday, I would assume. I actually put the board for that up last night - "Dev Updates". They'll likely be lots of text, possibly with a picture or two (but no guarantees). Hopefully they'll also be full of interesting thoughts, ideas, musings, theorizing, etc. as well as telling what's been done over the past week - this would keep the forums active with discussion and anticipation, especially if he does it in such a way as to encourage it. The important thing, though, is that he tells what he's done over the past week (in varying amounts of detail - probably sticking to the important parts if there's too much in smaller areas), and potentially what he plans to accomplish in the immediate future. The dev updates will probably be some variation on the above, but ultimately, of course, it's up to him. :)
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