Hey, it's Noc

High school student/wrestler, likes to code in his free time. Very passionate about the project and thinks Gavan's the man to make it. Hopes to become a part of the community and to help keep it the dedicated, cancerless group it already is. Not a fan of Chechnyans, but wishes not to offend any others. Hopes you don't think third-person bios are obnoxious, and would love to contribute to the modding scene :)

So what's up? :)


  • Hey @Noc, nice to have you with us! I'm glad to hear that you're interested in modding -- the more people that are creating things with VQ, the more attention it draws and the more money Gavan gets to develop it further! Looking forward to see what you create with it, and if you need any tutorials or help of any kind, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  • Hi! I'm definitely showing this around to my friends (I bet they'll be more receptive once something is released), but in the meantime I'm fine with just helping the forums generate some buzz an maybe make friends along the way :)

    And I'm love to mod, but I'm not sure I can do anything outside of JSON. Hope that won't be too big of an issue. Maybe you could just elaborate on what other skills would be useful, and whether or not they're completely neccessary or reasonably learnable.
  • You'll be able to do quite a lot with JSON, actually, because that's how a lot of the rules, data, and graphical things are stored. If you want to get into modifying the engine, you'll want to pick up some C++ and maybe OpenGL/GLSL, but that's totally optional. I'd say those are very learnable (but it's definitely a time commitment!); C++ tutorials are everywhere, and there a couple of cool OpenGL tutorials whose links have been posted in a couple of discussions around here. Learning those would take a bit of time, but I'm down to help you get started if you're interested!
  • Heyaa, Noc! Welcome to the forums! Coders and modders are more than welcome here - you can never have too many of those, and for a while after the first alpha version is released, they're the ones who are going to be having the most fun with VQ. I hope you stick around and enjoy yourself - looking forwards to seeing more from you. :)
  • Such a welcoming community :)
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