I'm PreacherJayne. Come say hi.

Hi everyone!

I'm a university student in Irvine, California. I study computer engineering, but I plan to do a lot of research in swarm robotics and group interactions. I'm also a C/C++ programmer with some Android development experience with Unity3D and C#.

I'm excited about VQ for quite a few reasons: first, since it's voxel-based, it'll be destructible! I've always wanted to play (or make, if need be) an open-world game with magic that allows you to blow stuff up, cast tons of spells, and find new ways to solve puzzles or defeat monsters. Somewhat of a Borderlands-meets-Magicka-meets-Minecraft mashup, if that makes sense. Gavan's provided a lot of the tools to make that work.

Second--full access to the source code?! It doesn't get much better than that! I think it'd be cool to use VQ as a "testbench" of some sort for playing around with swarm intelligence. A lot of the principles of design that Gavan has talked about align pretty pretty closely with how swarm robotics works: each actor has clearly defined interactions with the world and prioritized sets of goals. The system of motivations sounds like a great way to mediate group interaction. I'm tremendously excited. Lots of things to do!

Third, VQ just sounds like a cool game. I'm a huge fan of Rogue Legacy and how procedural generation (of characters and levels) impacts gameplay without being overbearing, and I love that VQ will bring that to the RPG.

I've met some of you already and you seem like cool people. I'm really looking forward to what you all do with VQ!



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