Charley Deallus Is At Your Service

Greetings from LT (Awaits rush of fellow LT'ers). My curiosity got the best of me, so here I am. I completely blame Katorone. Completely. Anyways, I am glad to be here. I rarely take part in any forums for games, so here's to VQ.



I am a 24 year old college grad who studied psychology of all things in Alliance, Ohio at the University of Mount Union. I have been deeply involved in video games since I could use a DOS computer back around like age 6-7. I am also a writer on the side and find reading everything from Stephen Ambrose to Stephen King, Tom Clancy to Tolkien, and Dilbert to John Le Carre, quite interesting. I have also played all different kinds of video games, so one genre doesn't really define me. My tastes seem to flow like a river, going all over the place.

I have found psychology to be quite interesting in the video game world. Seeing the interactions between NPCs and characters is an interesting psychology testbed you could say. The AI that developers use and try to create so that it is very complex and as realistic as you can get is quite interesting.

I also like to watch forum interactions between different people as well. It's like people watching but less creepy!


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