Tamat here :)

Hi everyone:

I'm Javi, from Barcelona (Spain), 34. I've been teaching how to make videogames and code realtime graphics at the university over the last 7 years. More info in my site http://tamats.com

I love novelty rendering approaches and I'm looking forward to Voxel Quest.

I remember wathing the first work from Gavan long time ago when he released in Gamedev some videos showing his renderer with a stone tower and grass and a sea, and how he could edit it in realtime. I remember me and all my colleages at work wathing the videos and being very impressed of his results (I think this was back in 2007). But then years passed by and he totally dissapear.

I was very happy when he came back to show Voxel Quest, so now I am a full supported of this project.


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