Canadian guy doing machine learning

Hi !

I'm lazy, so here is a cut and paste from my description on the kickstarter update :
I'm Adam Salvail, PhD student in computer science in the subfield of AI / machine learning / optimization. I'm from Sherbrooke in Québec and found this game while looking for attempts at doing procedural generation for a gamedev meeting at my university. Since then, I've followed the news about it and contributed to the KS.
I can't wait to have a look at the code (I'd have paid for a pledge giving us read access to the code of the current version).
In the world of ProcGen, I really think a top-down approach is the best way to go for AI to get a better 'sense' of the world. I wonder if machine learning could be used by the agents (probably) in an efficient way (that would be challenging). [...]
I've got really interested earlier this year in procedural generation and hope to see this project come to fruition! I still wonder if machine learning couldn't be one of the missing pieces to make ProcGen really shine.

See you around!
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