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I'm curious, @gavanw‌ - what are the specs of your primary PC? What are the specs of the PC you're using to optimize with (if you have one yet)?

Personally, I'm on a laptop.


  • The computer I am testing on is an i7, 16 GB system memory, and a GTX 780 graphics card.

    This system is not required, but the better system you have, the higher quality the game can run at. Even at the lowest quality, the game still looks pretty good (just a little more retro/pixelated :) ). Your laptop should run it as the game stands. But over time there is still a ton of room left for optimization so you might be able to run it pretty well by the time I've competed more optimization.
  • I went and bought a new laptop around 6 months ago when I thought there was a CHANCE limit theory was going to be released. (I kind of knew it was going to slip, but meh!)

    To be honest, if you know what your looking for and don't get suckered into stuff you don't need you can get a decent system for just over a grand.
  • Just over a grand? D:

    Yeah, I almost definitely don't have a decent system, then. lol Mine cost about 3/5 of that. Two years ago.
  • At one point to get anything great you had to spend at least 2gs, probably closer to 3.

    Computers in general have become WAY more "bang for your buck" then they used to be.

    Of course you can still spend way more if you want to get something silly like 32gig of ram. (though you will be lucky to ever need 16)
  • You can get an Xbox One for $350 iirc - the hardware will run VQ pretty well. But I'm not supporting xbox right away, if at all - first PC, and if that works then I will port. Porting to DirectX is pretty straight forward.

    Primarily, your GPU is the main factor. You can now get my video card for $350 in some places, which is half what I bought it for a year ago. Prices are always going down, and speed is always going up, so in another few years any affordable machine should run VQ decently, and you can always tone down settings to get more performance.

    I've built my last 7 PCs or so. For around $1,000 you can build a good machine typically, especially if you keep your current mouse, keyboard, monitor, speakers, etc. If you get one used via Craigslist or similar, sometimes you can find incredible deals (computers for 1/5 their original value, or better).
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