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Hi my name is Morten, I am 34 years old and I work full time as a teacher on the world's only 100% roleplaying based school (we teach through roleplaying games). We have 100 happy 14-18 year-old nerds as students ranging from larpers, card players, gamers, cosplayers, reenacters, miniaturegamers, bookworms and all other kinds of nerdy creatures. ;) It's an awesome place that seems a little like Hogwarts... A true nerd-heaven. www.osterskov.dk

I have been making a few minor PC game projects but primarily as part of promotion for larps (Live Action Roleplaying Games).

I have been organizing (or helped organize) a huge amount of larps and participated in many more than I can remember for the last 15-20 years. These range from professional games with big budgets ($100.000+) to really small scale specialized games. I like all genres and have part of/helped organize both games using a real, active submarine as well as built an entire permanent village for hundreds of people in a fantasy game including a massive animatronic dragon...

I have also been main organizer of 4 massive historical reenactment events with 7-10.000 visitors.

Currently I am the main organizer of a free to play larp campaign for our students as well as all other interested in a fantasy game setting of our own design. We have run the campaign for almost 10 years now and have 100+ players and the number is growing steadily. The game is gender neutral by design so anyone can play anything and the game system supports that - which had led to a 50/50 boys & girls participation (we are proud of that). We have a wiki with 1700+ pages of game information and a couple of movie trailers:

The campaigns wiki is here (in Danish though): www.fladlandssagaen.dk
Our Facebook group is here (with pictures): www.fladlandssagaen.dk/fb

I am hoping to use the Voxel Quest engine to create a game based in our setting as earlier attempts to do this in RPG Maker was met with massive enthutiasm from our players. But I feel that RPG Maker is too limited. :)


  • Awesome introduction! It's great to have you on the forums. :D
    If you're an IRC user, feel free to join our channel on freenode.org, #VoxelQuest. :D

    It's an interesting thing you're doing! It sure peaked my interest. I didn't know it existed, and can do nothing but applaud you. :D
  • I do not use IRC (any longer) but thank you for offering and for the kind words of welcome. :D
  • Morcar said:

    I do not use IRC (any longer) but thank you for offering and for the kind words of welcome. :D

    A true larper does not use technology! That is black magic. :) j/k. Anyhow, thanks for joining, I like the campaign you have put together. Larping is not as popular here in the US but does have a very large community in Seattle/Bellvue/Redmond, Washington (home of Microsoft, Valve, Amazon, and many other game/tech companies).
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    I've never heard of it... it looks fun as heck, though, judging from the trailer.
  • I LARPed a bit in the past, so welcome fellow traveller. :)

    Nowadays however, I prefer the comfort of the living room to play a little pen&paper RPG. That school of yours sounds truely unique.
  • I know larp is still limited in the US. I have many friends there who come to the nordic countries to play. I think the main difference is that you are allowed to do a lot more stuff over here without risk of being sued. Hehehe.

    We have done some crazy stuff. Here is a small trailer made by some poor British guys who came to Denmark to see what this larp thing was - including our school (a lot of the footage is from the school).

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