I'm Nathan, from Canada. I'm a software engineer, and I've dabbled in all sorts of areas.

First saw VQ on hacker news a while ago. TBH I haven't been involved with indie game scene too much, but I find VQ really very interesting from the technical side (and as a game too!)


  • Hey there! looks like we are the first members on here :3
    Super excited to see this from both sides also.

    Like I said in the comments for the project, not a big fan on turn based combat or RTS even for that matter.
    I backed it for its shear beauty and technical side.

    This is something I want to see go further :D
  • Hi Nathan and everybody else. I'm a SE as well. Looking forward to getting back into games (both dev and playing) a bit more seriously if schedule allows.

    I specialise in AI (got my PhD about it) so maybe I can lend Gavan a hand or discuss his ideas in this forum.
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