Greetings from Grent

Hello all! My name's Marc, but I usually go by Grent on the internet. And by "usually" I mean "always." Like most of you, I'm a programmer who works on video games. As of yet, only two of my games have ever been "released" to the public, but I'm currently working on something bigger that I'm hoping I can get on Steam. No details on that yet, though, because it's still really early in development and I'm a bit superstitious about telling people what I'm working on before it's a ways along.

I have a twitter ( but I never use it because I don't really have followers and I don't have followers because I rarely use it (and also because I'm not important). I'm trying to post periodically so that I don't have just an empty Twitter if I ever do get to be important, but it's usually pretty mundane stuff. I also technically have a website that I will probably link when it's more than just "COMING SOON" on a blue background.

So yeah, that's me in a nutshell. I'm pretty excited for how VQ is going to turn out; it sounds pretty sweet so far!

Shameless plugs for the things I've made:
Super Morse Code RPG -
SMCRPG was (mostly) made in three days for a game jam in which every team was given some sort of a limitation on their design (hence the dude in the wheelchair on the loader - it was the "handicap challenge). My team got "you can only use one button." After complaining with my animator about how we totally got the hardest handicap, we went with a morse code based system because I was determined to have more than a simple binary choice. There's problems with it but overall I like how it turned out. You should play it because I still technically make money off of it.

Pulse -
This was my first game I ever really finished, back when I was a sophomore in high school. It's not the best but I have fond experiences from making it.


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