Software Engineer, Indie Game Dev and... Investor :)

Hi all,

I've been a software engineer for about 15 years now, however the last few years I mainly worked as QA manager for software development in the financial industry. In the years, I wrote a couple of small games in my spare time and last year (2013) I even worked as a real Indie Dev on my first bigger game project. I took a sabbathical from my day job during that time; while I didn't finish my project, it was a good experience nevertheless. During that time I met Gavan in the Reddit forum for the first time.

Reading about him and his dream, I was intrigued to help him make it a reality. And this is how I became an investor. Not that I had planned on it... but it kinda felt like the right thing to do, even when all of my family and friends told me I was being crazy/stupid. After a bit more than a year of progress on the project, I don't hear these accusations anymore. :)

I'm happy to be a small part in this thing (because the hard work is on his end) and I hope that the dream will become reality. So far, I'm still convinced, that this will indeed be the case one day.

I'm mainly a lurker type, when it comes to online community. So don't expect too many discussions with me. ;)


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