First Year Anniversary Badge

Weeeee I got it. Can't believe it has been a year already.


  • It's a little crazy to think about, especially when you realize that Gavan had been working on it for at least a year before the Kickstarter. Looking back at the old village pictures, it's amazing to see how the technology behind VQ has changed.
  • Looking back, it is AMAZING to see how beautiful this has become. I am excited to see the future.
  • so when is that release that was mneant to be 3 months after kickstarter finish?
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    Japa said:

    so when is that release that was mneant to be 3 months after kickstarter finish?

    As I've said it in the past, giving that first time estimate was a huge mistake for many reasons, among them that shipping at that time would have been way premature, and I also cannot afford the time to do customer support yet. Nonetheless, it could be worse, development could have halted entirely. But I'm still here working on it - I have invested my own time, money, and equity to make sure this happens.

    I am targeting to get something out as soon as possible - I don't have a hard date yet because I have already failed multiple times at passing my own internal hard dates I have set. Needless to say, its a lot of work for one person! There is still a lot to do, in terms of putting in options and keymapping for users, testing, etc - in addition to basic gameplay stuff.

    Again, my apologies all of this is taking so long, but I really am trying my hardest. I have made quite a few mistakes along the way but I will get there ultimately one way or another. :)
  • Oh, this time I too got the badge. And don't worry Gavan, work at your own pace, we already knew when we backed the kickstarter that videogame development takes lots of time and effort, especially if one's working on it alone. Go on, like you said as long as it's being coded and doesn't die, it's all good to me. :wink:
  • @AttakShark - thanks! Still, to be fair there have been problems, chief among them focusing on tech and being subject to feature creep. I am working towards avoiding these things as much as possible now (as of a recent discussion on the matter). Its one of those things where I was fully aware of the problem but had let it persist anyhow. :/

  • Oh hey I have the badge too
    Anyway, Gavan, It's great to hear that the project is still chugging along :) I've been checking this website every couple of weeks to watch the development
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