BetaByter - Joining Late!

Hello all!

I'm BetaByer - a Computer Science & Engineering student from the United States Midwest. I am an avid gamer, reader, fantasy writer, and of course, a Dungeon Master!

I've been following (lurking on) Voxel Quest since I participated in the Kickstarter campaign, but I figured it was time to hop on!


  • Welcome to the forums!!! We're very glad to have you here! Things are rather quiet at the moment (as far as the forums go), but I expect that to change relatively soon. :) Kudos on being a DM! I'm an avid gamer, reader, and fantasy writer as well, but I lack the DM portion. Hopefully we'll have a Twitch stream sometime tomorrow afternoon - probably starting somewhere around 3 or 4 your time. (I'm eastern US, so it's at 5 for me.) And finally, thanks for participating in the Kickstarter! :smiley: Make yourself at home! If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.
  • @betabyter Hi, welcome. :) Thanks for backing!
  • Thanks guys! =) Good to be here. You should try to be a DM, Talvieno - definitely teaches you to be an even better writer and how to think on the fly. Looking forward to when things pick up!
  • Hi betabyter,

    I am also a fellow DM (retired, since I have no active table group at the moment... lack of time in general); the player thing in P&P games was never the one thing I was too interested in.

    Nice to have you on the forum.

    Yeah, it's quiet right now. But I can assure, that Gavan is hard at work. :)
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