Update 04 / 08 / 2015

As per usual, I am going to paste in a link because there are many places I have to post this update and copy-paste will not work with complex embed codes and images. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience! (Mods feel free to fill it in if you want :) )



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    Text of the update:

    Since the last update:
    - Explosions (temporary effect, needs improvement)
    - More intelligent chunk refreshing that reduces redundant chunk refreshes (useful for destruction among other things).
    - Rendering spheres of arbitrary size in screen space with real depth, normals, clipping, etc
    - Projectiles
    - Camera Shake (on jump, on objects hitting ground, fades with distance from camera); it is exaggerated right now
    - Zooming in and out to first person mode
    - Walking around with collision, realtime smooth movement that can revert to unit space for turn-based combat and so forth.
    - Physics (gravity, dampening, rigid body physics with adjustable bounciness/hardness, friction, etc). Currently operates on axis-aligned boxes (even when boxes are rotated on the Z axis)
    - All movement-related effects are now timer-based (rather than frame-based), although you can also force a certain time interval to prevent stutter/frame skipping.
    - Jumping
    - Lantern placement fixed (raised up inside of houses, no more lantern clusters for more efficient lighting)
    - Volumetric textures optimized for lower voxel resolutions (larger shingles, bricks, and boards)
    - Better character selection/deselection with dotted line selection effect; now distinguishes between the active entity and the target entity
    - Better sprite rendering with no clipping or depth sorting errors
    - Labeled all 1600+ items and entities (even though they are just placeholder objects)
    - Added context sensitive options to the drop down menu based on which targets (if any) are selected
    - Quick experiment with trees: upped the number of limbs to produce dramatically larger trees (as seen below)
    - Improved, less naive chunk picking (for rendering) - now uses a flood fill to pick chunks, instead of a bounding cube.
    - Many other small improvements I am probably forgetting to list :)

    I am still working on many aspects of the AI but only a day or two per week right now - I am trying to not get stuck in any one area as there are many tasks left to cover. I think this most recent set of changes opens up a lot more modding potential (in particular, for realtime games). I think it would be pretty easy to make a platformer (like Mario N64), an artillery game (like Scorched Earth or Worms), or many other options (at least, easier than it would have been with strictly unit/turn-based movement).

    I came in with the intention of doing videos weekly but as it turns out monthly makes more sense - there are some weeks where not a lot happens visually. It also saves me time. Nonetheless I advise you to follow the @voxelquest (or @gavanw) account on Twitter or my Youtube channel for smaller updates in between.


    Update 4/08/2015
    Projectile Physics
    Big Tree

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    Also, I posted this a bit late for April Fool's, but it is worth reposting I think. Since I added in first person view, I obviously need the obligatory hand swinging some weapon. (In this case it is one of the weapons from Hexen):
    In spite of this being a joke, I really do dig this style (as did Twitter, apparently) and I would like to perhaps have something similar ultimately.

    (end of update)
  • I loved this. Definitely has me excited. Looking forward to more! Sorry I'm a day late! :dizzy:
  • Looking great!

    So how long till first release?
  • Japa said:

    Looking great!

    So how long till first release?

    Thanks! I am still uncertain, to be honest. I would like a minimally viable game to be in place before it ships, something that is even remotely fun, before I open up public access. I have seen, and been part of, releases that were too early and I have seen the damage it can do to a game's reputation. Overall people tend to be forgiving of a late release, but not a sloppy early release (I know most people here would be lenient, but probably not the general public). Releasing will cause a lot of additional work for me (in terms of customer support), so I would like to delay it until it is a sensible action to take. I apologize in advance to everyone that it is taking a long time to get out. I can't give any hard dates at this point other than I am shooting for "as soon as possible."
  • Is open-sourcing the engine still part of the plan? I've been a secret admirer of this project since it was first posted to Hacker News, and after watching the engine progress, I'm insanely curious to see what magic you're doing behind the scenes!
  • jswrenn said:

    Is open-sourcing the engine still part of the plan? I've been a secret admirer of this project since it was first posted to Hacker News, and after watching the engine progress, I'm insanely curious to see what magic you're doing behind the scenes!

    Yes still part of the plan :)

  • Looking forward to it.

    I have projects just waiting for the source to be released.

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