Talvieno here. :)

Heyaa! Talvieno here. You may recognize me from the Dwarf Fortress or Limit Theory forums. I've been watching Voxel Quest for a while now and figured I'd pop in and say hello. No, I'm not a backer, but before you stone me to death - it's not by choice. :P I really don't have any means to back/purchase it - or anything - at the moment. (It's complicated.)

As to my work? Past work includes 3d-modeled shiny bits such as this:

I also program and write stories on the side.
Sci fi: http://forums.ltheory.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3642
Fantasy: http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=119562.msg3818832#msg3818832

Now that I'm done showing off... I'd like to add that although I can't back, I'm helping out in any way I can to give Mr. Woolery and Voxel Quest a little more attention. This is one of those games I really latch onto - solo developer making something procedural, infinite, and AI-heavy.

Wishing you the best, Gavan! Fingers crossed. :D


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