Pillars of Eternity

While we're waiting for the first taste of Voxel Quest, has anyone tried out Pillars of Eternity? In the week and a half that it's been out, I've already spent a good 40 hours or so on my first playthrough. :P For those of you that have played, what do you like about it? What do you dislike?


  • I was actually planning to ask you what you thought of it at the next meeting - I've seen you playing it a lot. :wink:
  • I tried playing Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, but after wandering around a forest for a while and still not finding the next part of a quest, I pretty much gave up. PoE is much more user-friendly, I guess. I'm really enjoying the combat -- it's fairly tactical, and the stats are deep enough to be worth studying but still transparent and viewable.

    This might sound a little weird given that I've played over 40 hours, but I'm still trying to figure out if I really like it or not. It's a great game with high production value, and the world has detailed lore and is consistent within itself. The combat is fun, and sometimes I get absolutely destroyed. :smile: However, there are a few pathfinding issues in combat, and there are a ton of encounters. It sounds like they've successfully alluded to what Icewind Dale was all about, but it can get slightly tedious at times.

    I'm not sold on the concept of the Stronghold (small fortress that you can upgrade and are responsible for defending), but that's partially because of a minor bug that reset my progress. That's normal growing pains though, and I'm sure it'll be fixed soon. Obsidian has done an excellent job of post-launch bug-fixing, and I hardly encountered anything significant while playing. Though from what I've heard, your mileage may very.

    The other thing that I'm not 100% sure about is the choices you have when you play. Don't get me wrong - there are a ton of dialogue options, and I've heard that there are quite a few endings. However, I haven't played enough to determine how much your choices affect the visible world. Like Fallout, you can kill whoever you want, and people definitely get pissed, but you don't have enough freedom to enslave the universe. You definitely have creative latitude in how you carry out your goals, but I don't know how much you can change the goals themselves. Can't complain about that though, since it's a design decision and Obsidian executed what they planned to wonderfully.

    I'm planning on going back and doing at least one more playthrough on Hard with a smaller party, and if I enjoy that enough I'll probably try a few more combinations of decisions and character classes. I've gotten my money's worth so far, and I'm really looking forward to the expansions! I'm praying for multiplayer in the sequel though (and honestly, that'd be a fun project to try and implement in the VQ engine).

    To sum up my pseudo-review, it's a really solid game. :smile:
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    I have not played PoE, although I did back the KS IIRC. While I was a huge fan of Fallout, almost none of the Bioware games ever caught my fancy (I'm not saying they were bad games, its just that they did not appeal to me for the most part). When I first saw Baldur's Gate (based on a single screenshot I saw in a magazine), I knew it was going to be a big deal. But when I bought and played it I was a bit disappointed - the story and production values were all good, but the gameplay never resonated with me. I wanted to like it, but couldn't. :) I really liked the story in Mass Effect, and that was enough to make it interesting for me, although the gameplay was quite thin. Never played enough of SW:TOR to form an opinion of it.

    One D&D game I highly recommend is Eye of the Beholder (1 and 2, but not 3). Same style, but even better game is Dungeon Master 2 (DM2 is perhaps one of my top 3 favorite RPGs).
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