What's the outlook on multiplayer capabilities? I know net-code is almost always a huge pain but I wondered if Gaven had said whether or not it was on/off the table.


  • It seems to be out of scope for now.
    Gavan: "multiplayer: there is currently network support, but I was only using it to make some calls to an external editor. I had to decide what features to prune to keep this project doable (it is already ambitious, obviously), and multiplayer was one of them. I leave multiplayer as an exercise to the modding community, its definitely doable, and relatively easy for turn-based games."

    However there is a little hope in a more recent post about LAN multiplayer.
    Gavan: "I've decided there will be synchronous support, nothing for realtime yet - i.e. support for turn-based stuff."
  • So the "regular" game (as Gaven is developing it right now) is real-time?
    And am I too extrapolate from that comment that he is building some hooks to allow a shift to a turn-based structure that a modder could then use in a turn-based mod?
  • Hiya, I've updated based on input. I am doing multiplayer, but only synchronous (turn-based) for now - mostly for the sandbox, running D&D campaigns with remote friends, etc.
  • Also, networking code is in, but not used for anything but the remote editor at this point.
  • I'll stop spelling your name wrong Gavan. Can the solo game be swapped between turn-based and real-time? Also, am I repeating a bunch of inquiries that wiki/FAQ/info page would have answered me? I'm posting from work so apologies if my topic-ignorance is glaring through atm.
  • Just read the "About" page: turn-based combat. Cool.
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    Ah sweet! good to know there is a plan for mutliplayer of some kind.

    So long as the other player doesnt take an hour to get a coffee and come back for his turn ill be fine with it x3
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