Not much activity... How is everyone!

Just noticed its been a while since some real discussions/updates have occurred, so how is everyone?


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    Well, development is ongoing, it still is a while until the first release. If you're interested in the week-to-week progress, join the Twitch stream each Wednesday (2PM PST). Stream

    We want to have a first release that is fun to play even in its early stage. This takes a bit more time than originally anticipated, but Gavan is getting there. I guess the number of discussions will increase, once the first release is out.
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    Heyaa, SeamusFD. :) Pain pretty much summed it up, but I'd like to add that we've been working on pinning down the combat system, as was mentioned in last week's Twitch stream. We'll probably talk about it a lot more next Wednesday, but I can say with certainty that even playing it pen-and-paper style is very fun and engaging. :smiley:
  • Glad to hear things going on :smiley: I keep an eye on my emails closely for updates and poke on here about once a week. I haven't forgotten :D
  • SeamusFD said:

    Just noticed its been a while since some real discussions/updates have occurred, so how is everyone?

    Hi all -
    I typically release updates as soon as there is anything worth showing. In the case of the past few weeks, I've been working on the AI, part of which was shown during a twitch stream. I'm only working on the logical portion of it right now, and 99 percent of the work is just text input and output, so its not entirely interesting but I'd like to show what it can do. My fingers are crossed that I will get everything running this Wednesday.

    Also, as mentioned, we are paper-prototyping combat. If it makes sense and I can find the time, I'd like to whip up a really quick javascript app to let people test out the combat mechanics and help refine them while I work on other things. If it makes more sense, I will begin prototyping combat directly in the engine, with the downside that the engine will not be accessible until the first public release (which we still have not pinned down a definitive date for, the only thing we know is that we are trying to get it out as soon as possible).

    In any case, I'm guessing that the next update video will be coming out probably between wednesday-friday of this week. Thanks for hanging in there!

  • Don't worry :) I assumed much of the work was 'background' stuff that I couldn't see.
  • SeamusFD said:

    so how is everyone?

    Just fine! Thank you.

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