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  • 1 week left and still more than 8k shy

    I'm not done saying my thank you's yet, but here is another one for you guys: Thanks so much, getting choked up and everything as I write this. Its really hard putting yourself out there and finding the people willing to believe in you. I hope that I can return the favor by showing my support in some other projects in the future (perhaps some of your projects). :)
  • What if the kickstarter fails

    I stand by Gavan, as I have in the beginning. I have faith in the project and in him. He is extremely capable of the work that lies ahead; all he needs is time and money.

    Even though I'm far from being a millionaire, I will try to raise the money he needs to finish the project. The project will go on, one way or the other. There might come a time, when we need help from a 3rd party, but we cross that road when we get to it.

    So fear not, dear community, it will continue. :)
  • 1 week left and still more than 8k shy

    I know it is against the rules and everything, but I would seriously love to take a chunk of the profits from Voxel Quest (don't worry Pain, out my own chunk! ;) ) and pay back all of my backers if I ever make enough money to have disposable income.
    Nah, just give us VQ and a way to make cool stuff and that'll be just as rewarding!
  • 1 week left and still more than 8k shy

    Attention, this is the Producer speaking:
    --end of sarcasm mode

    I want to thank this awesome community, that has helped us in our hour of need. You guys (and girls of course) seriously rock!

    Not only have we reached our minumum funding goal, but we also formed a small, but very friendly community in a very short amount of time. Gavan and I have been doing this project for over a year with very little interaction with the community up to this point. The Kickstarter project changed all this and gave us an additional element to take care of.

    The worth of the community cannot be measured in money. It is immensly invaluable.

    A special thank you goes to:
    - PreacherJayne and Talvieno, for their Community Manager work and tireless support
    - jackdaw67, for the very generous reddit advertisement and for being our forum historian (saving all the important screenshots of the campaign)
    - Katorone, for being our resident chat expert
    - Gavan, for being awesome! Oh, and for programming Voxel Quest. :D
    - The community, for being at our side!
  • Happy 2016

  • 1 week left and still more than 8k shy

    In case anyone missed Gavan's "Thank You" video for the kickstarter:

  • Armok Vision, a project I've been working on while I wait for VoxelQuest to release.

    I made a new release, which you can download here.
  • Project roadmap

    Also, I'd like to add everyone is free to toss around ideas - we definitely don't want to discourage that. :) Just because I say "yes, xyz is potentially feasible" does not mean it will make it into the engine anytime soon, or even at all. The main priorities are getting a playable, fun game (and as a consequence of that, a working engine). As per community input (and as mentioned by @Pain‌), this will be the standard RPG (non-roguelike) mode first, with other modes to follow if/when time/resources are available to do so. Still, it is necessary to mention all the things that @Pain‌ did, because we don't want to setup false expectations of what will make it into the game.

    Enabling a permadeath option takes zero effort, so I will include that option just for the hell of it (unless there is a problem with doing so that I could not foresee).

    Many sandbox options will be available just because I used them to debug and test, but the sandbox is still taking a backseat.

    All that said, never hurts to hypothesize about ideas, what might work and what might not. I can help all of you determine what is possible in the engine. If if I can't implement feature XYZ, there is a good chance that someone in the community can.

  • The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

    Hi All,

    In technical terms: I'm a C++ programmer who has an interest in OpenGL, and voxel engines. I am very pleased to see Voxel Quest, and am looking forward to see what I might do with the code.

    Game-wise: my experience has been mostly through paper and pencil style RPGs. I've played quite a few of those, some of my favorites are : GURPS, Hero-System, Shadowrun, and the Amber-Diceless RPG. I have enjoyed some computer games as well; however, I've found many computer games a bit too limiting, both in terms of unalterable terrain, and poor AI. It is clear that Voxel Quest will have interactive terrain, and it sounds like work is being done on a better kind of AI---it will be fascinating to see what develops on that front.

    In terms of what I'd like to do with the VQ code. . . . My own mod for the VQ engine would be to try to make something that looks similar to a paper-and-pencil RPG (with human players and a human GM), but where the computer generates the landscape and deals with the (turn-based) game-mechanics. From what I've seen, VQ will be pretty close to what I want, right out of the box, but I guess we'll see how much I have to tweak stuff.

    Currently, I am working on my own engine (it is voxel based, but a lot more like Minecraft than VQ), and involved in a game-art program at the local college. I'm not seeking any kind of degree there. Instead I'm hoping that the classes will make me a better artist, and allow me to make contact with other people who can help out with art-stuff (so I don't have to do everything myself). Although I am a bit unclear about how much traditional polygon-based modeling will apply to the VQ engine, since it seems like most of the stuff is not polygon based.
  • So... *Poke*

    @Moberg Sure thing. Gavan recently updated the rendering side of the engine to use a more traditional voxel implementation (similar to when he added perspective rendering to the original isometric rendering system), and now the engine runs much more efficiently (600+ fps at 1080p and 16^3 voxels per meter, with a view distance of ~1 km). He aims to get a release out in the next month that focuses on building and exploring, so the next few weeks will be dedicated to adding more building varieties and construction. The source code should be released around the same time as the initial release. Also, we're going to be streaming more frequently and will post dates/times on Twitter, on the forums, and on the Twitch page accordingly.